About Me

The overarching drive in my life is to have a high impact on making the world a better place for all. I strongly feel life is not a zero-sum game and that improvements granted by science and data-based decisions drive progress and the betterment of all. I have strived for a diverse intellectual skill-set and seek to be a "dedicated generalist" as the biggest advances will come in the regions where scientific fields merge and benefit one another.

Education: PhD Georgia State University, PhD Observatoire de Paris

Research Interests: High Angular Resolution Optical and Near-IR Instumentation, Speckle and Long Baseline Optical Interferometry, Exoplanets, Stellar Astrophysics, Hardware development, Prototyping, and Instrumentation

Publications: Research Gate list of publications

Languages: Python, IDL, C/C++, LaTeX, Jupyter Notebooks, Google Colabs, Bash scripting

Software: Solidworks, AutoCAD, SketchUp, ZeMax, Photoshop, Linux, IRAF, ImageJ, LabView

Hardware: Optical alignment, Optomechanical devices, Interferometers, Design, Prototyping, Fabrication, Machining, 3d printing, Calibration & testing, Metrology, Remote operation, Electromechanical motion stages, Optical and infrared lasers: safety, alignment, and operation, Power metering, Microscopy, CNC machining, Lathes, Vertical milling, Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, Soldering

Personnel: Project planning and strategy, Project management, Team-building, Mentoring, Team management, Public speaker and presenter, Strategy development for new technology, Prototype development with manufacture, Scheduling of resource utilization




Equity & Inclusion: